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Entry #1

Sonic FT Shaow in I Can Transfrom Ya

2010-03-14 13:20:13 by SonicTHOfficial

<a> jwHQptc
this a video of Sonic Ft Shadow in I can Transfrom Ya .
Hope you enjoy


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2010-06-08 21:18:07

not bad,i like that song but the video should be in a higher quality next time,ill be back and check up around here again so there better be some more stuff to look at. :D


2011-08-14 18:36:05

EveryBody the YT Channel You see Is my Channel (Chrisbrownloverboy). This Friend of mine is just Showing some of "my-used-to-be-new-videos".

~Lil Langstiee Loyalty~